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the_movement's Journal

of the 21st century
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Using the power of 'LiveJournal.Com' we bring you The Movement.

The Movement is being brought to you by you. This community is for people to come together and protest against the acts of war and racism. We are a just group who had hidden for a while until needed again within the 21st century. Events will be held and thrown, posted when being done. This community is not only for the people to come together virtualy but also in reality.

The Movement is about LOVE NOT WAR. Is about peace and the beauties of earth, every which way. We are the new age. We must count on us.

Feel free to share your opinions and views
Upcoming events
Updated News
Art, photographs, and writings related to what this community is about

Also we ask that the people of this community post as well as reply to posts made by others (no need to be shy here)
this will keep the community free and alive
don't think that you have nothing good to add, it's in you

The_Movement is a hate free community

You are me, you are my people, together we are Love. An energy of true emotion, pure thoughts. Artistic and poetic thinking.

Can you feel it?

The intense sensation in your soul, in your spirit, in your transformation?

Love is power, beauty enlightened dreams. Utter creativity. The hippie child becomes the wise man, the story teller, the one that makes you feel The Movement.

Do you feel your thoughts now?

Oh but you shall. Some are born but children of the moon after the sun. To breathe with the trees. To soar with the bird, the black bird. To sing with the wind. To swim with the rain within ocean frames. To re-create yourself, to find, ones self being made of the dirt, of eternal earth.

-Lee Garcia