Which life am I in again.... (poetic_insanity) wrote in the_movement,
Which life am I in again....

People unite

So I went to the Peace gathering at Bayside, there was a good amount of people. It was beautiful seeing people join together like that. We held up signs that read "The 21st Century Deserves Peace Not War!!" and "President For No War? BUSHIT!" I took pictures but I don't know when they'll be posted. Hopefuly fairly soon. There was alot of reactions from drivers passing us by, some slowed down near us and screamed in a agreement holding up peace signs with their fingers. Some just honked there horn cheering us on. Others gave us the finger of course, not agreeing with what some of us believe. 2 boys screamed from a car "My dad's in Iraq fighting for you guys!" The guy next to me, sitting on his bike, holding up a small flag and peace signs with his fingers screamed "And we love your dad, we want him to come back!" The kid I don't thik heard him say it though, a couple seconds later he flicked us off. There were speeches, poets, bands, and the smell of grass being smoked by some nameless individuals. I had a camera in my face for a minute, which feels long when this camera lens is pointing at you, I smiled and held out my words. Then some girl passed me by, stared at me for a second and chose to come up and ask me a question, she was a freelance writer. I'm not good at answering questions by asked by strangers on demand. At the end a lady went up on stage and had everyone join in meditation. Asking God to UNITE us with the earth. Make us feel like one. A whole. The whole even was beautiful on Bayside in Miami.
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